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Most efforts to adapt and change don’t go deep enough. Ours does. We change the inner game.

Since 2010 we’ve brought the science of habit change to equip leaders to adapt and evolve to meet the challenges they face.

Our clients have ranged from the top teams in global finance and manufacturing sectors, to frontline employees in the energy sector and members of an international longshore union.

We advance the field of leadership development by sharing our thought leadership with academic partners like the University of Notre Dame’s Innovation Academy and Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership Network.


MindSHIFT has completely changed how I view leadership and has impacted all facets of my life - with my family, my team, but also within myself. I no longer feel a need to be in control of everything 24/7. My stress level has gone down by 80%, my productivity has gone up by 60%. It means so much to me on so many levels.
— Wendy Campbell, Manager, Vancouver, Canada

We offer a proven pathway to growth and improvement. MINDSHIFT equips people to stretch, grow and thrive by enabling them to…

  • Break free of the day-to-day habits that limit performance

  • Create a set of new habits for high performance.

MINDSHIFT enables people to start living in alignment with where they want to go and who they want to be.

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This introductory program covers the foundational work necessary to get started on your MINDSHIFT. It is an ideal option for those who are curious about MINDSHIFT and want to evaluate it for their team, group or client. It is comprised of three virtual sessions, two coaching sessions and a two-day skill-building workshop.

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MINDSHIFT offers the greatest impact when members of a top team embrace the methods and/or a group of leaders or high potentials follow the Pathway to Change. By doing this, an organizations can link the development of both the individual and the group. Done as a group, the MINDSHIFT model leverages the relational connections and chemistry of the people to accelerate change and transform lives. After the program is done, their shared experience and new habits, offer a natural sustainment mechanism to keep the benefits alive…and make change stick! To learn more about our Custom Programs >click here.