An organization cannot outgrow its leadership. Leaders either enable the organization to grow and evolve, or they are a constraint.

If the organization wants to grow and evolve, then its leaders must also.

Our customization begins by defining the stretch for three inter-related dimensions. Understanding the relationships between the organization stretch, team stretch and individual stretch is vital to bring alignment, and provides a rich context for customizing your program.


Defining the stretch creates a framework for accountability and growth. It’s a foundation for high performance and sets the stage for optimal impact across the 3 dimensions: individual, team and organization.

A custom program requires time, energy and focus. You are working on the business and working on yourself at the same time. Investing time together deepens and accelerates growth. Not only are you working alongside the members of your team, you are also working with a personal coach. This combination offers a higher return than typical training or executive coaching in isolation can offer alone.

It has been huge to do this together. We can now be a champion for each other in ways we couldn’t have before. The capability we are developing enables us to build the business, make better decisions and do the right things, way faster than before.
— Sara Stevens, Partner, MCIP, RPP
I am confident the program will benefit any executive who is serious about growing as a leader and having the greatest impact they can on their organization.
— President



Our program offers a science-based pathway to growth and development. It equips people to stretch, grow and thrive by enabling them to…

  • Break free of the day-to-day habits that limit performance

  • Create a set of new habits for high performance.

Unlike other programs where you listen to the experts and leave with glossy course materials to add to your 'vinyl trophy case,' you learn the approach by applying it directly in your life.

Here’s how it works. A leadership team, or a group of leaders, follow these 3 steps over 6-9 months:

We support you in defining how you want to improve. Sometimes we start with what's not working. Other times we use an assessment tool. Either way you arrive at an improvement goal that is a genuine stretch for you. As we do this, we also link your goal to a bigger picture of meaning and significance. For executive teams this often coalesces into a shared vision for organizational improvement.  

Once a stretch goal has been identified, the traditional approach is to then play the disempowering game to 'run to the expert’ and pay them to give you expert answers, or tell you what to think and what to do.

We take the opposite approach. We bring questions. Questions all about you. It starts with identifying how you get in your own way. We then 'drill down' into the mindset to understand the root cause of these habits. Simple idea but complex to do.

The brilliance of Harvard Professors Kegan and Lahey's practical framework is that it makes visible the invisible forces of the mindset. You discover triggers and blind spots that throw you off your game. You not only see how you get in your own way and resist change, but most importantly, you discover why you do it.

But insight alone is not enough. Why? Because even though the root-cause mindset has been seen—it has not yet changed. This is the purpose of the third step in the approach and is why we guarantee we can accelerate change and improvement

This is heart of the work. We turned the light bulbs on in Step 2, but what happens in Step 3 keeps the lights on. It consists of a series of carefully designed exercises to deactivate old habits. By applying the exercises participants progressively disrupt the root cause mindset and overturn the habits that previously blocked them from improving. Over time old habits are deactivated and new neuropathways created. Participants adopt new, more productive behaviors and a mindset which is aligned with their stretch goal. In short, the MINDSHIFT Program equips people to change from the inside out.


Our team of MINDSHIFT coaches ensure you accurately map the mindset. They become your thinking partners as you apply the exercises to rewire your thinking. Each has trained with the Professors Kegan and Lahey.

The evidence is clear: your odds of successfully changing habits go up dramatically when you participate as part of a group. This program is equivalent to a week-long University Executive Program but with an important difference: rather than consecutive days, it's only a few hours each month. Participants come together monthly to review progress, share successes, and consolidate learning.

Transforming a mindset is a complex task. These application exercises guide you in applying the habit-change research in a practical and meaningful way in your daily life. Each of the 12 exercises address a different dimension of habit change. The academic rigor that has gone into creating the Harvard-based framework is the brand-standard in the field of Adult Development.

When partnered with a community of learners from your workplace, a communal experience is created which offers encouragement, support and feedback that is otherwise not available when working alone. The network also provides a mechanism to sustain and deepen the work long after the formal program is completed.

We use a 360-degree feedback tools which integrates leading research from the fields of Leadership, Psychology, and Adult Development, and is thoroughly and independently validated. We record a baseline for change with a custom, 10-minute Habit Change Survey. This survey is repeatedly pulsed to measure and track change over time.



Although each participant experiences unique benefits, over the years graduate exit interviews reveal the following themes:

  • Greater presence and composure under pressure

  • Enhanced relational connection and collaboration

  • Greater empathy, understanding and patience

  • More coaching and mentoring conversations

  • Higher levels of creativity and innovation ("See possibilities in situations that previously seemed like a no win")

  • Greater levels of overall fulfillment and well-being

The benefits extend beyond the individual. Together, people learn a language and new habits to challenge and support each other to improve, change and stretch. Deeper, more trusting relationships form. In the end, the organization gains a more engaged, resilient and emotionally intelligent workplace.  

The MINDSHIFT Approach is entirely novel but thoroughly road-tested. It has been applied in a wide diversity of organizations: a national railway in Europe, an international financial services company, one of America's most admired technology companies, and in the world's leading international strategy consulting firm.

To explore how MINDSHIFT can offer your leaders an advantage…



  1. Implement $250 million automation project during 3 years of 24x7 operation

  2. Create a Safety Culture at gas refinery with long history of near misses

  3. Complete $25 million maintenance on time, on budget, after 6 failed attempts over previous 6 years

  4. Increase productivity 25% and reduce costs by 10%.


  1. To let go of the need for control, allowing people to discover their own solutions

  2. To more effectively coach and develop people in my areas of expertise

  3. To better follow up and hold people accountable

  4. To receive challenge and criticism with greater composure and professionalism

  5. To express my opinions under fire with greater composure and conviction

  6. To more constructively engage with people around differences of opinion, perspective or ideology

  7. To resist jumping into firefighting and better focus on strategic priorities

I was looking for our leaders to apply more of what they already knew. We’ve provided our people with great courses over the years. This program has provided what we were after because of its application focus.
— Vice President, Human Resources
Because of that ‘moment of truth’ where he resisted his habitual response, remained curious and listened, we were able to move forward with the initiative. The bottom line impact was the equivalent of $3 million per year. That buys a lot of executive commitment!
— V.P. and Executive Sponsor
Since taking the MindSHIFT program I have made real progress that not only my boss, but more importantly my wife, have noticed. I have changed the way I think. I am applying the process to other goals I have. Thank you - I am re-energized and living a bigger life!
— Middle Manager
Before the MindSHIFT program I was majoring in minor things, and being so ineffective. I am now released from that need to keep my fingers in all those things. I am making a difference on a much more significant scale.
— VP, Financial Services