A workshop for organizations that want to learn to navigate the rising tides of complexity, uncertainty and change while boosting engagement, collaboration and innovation


You’ve probably discovered your world becoming more complex and possibly even overwhelming. You know you’re not alone when a new buzzword is born to reflect this common condition: VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity).

Today’s conditions call for greater creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Yet VUCA, as the new norm, triggers people into survival mode and gives rise to predictable patterns of ineffectiveness.

This workshop uses a highly engaging activity¹ that enables participants to see how the underlying systems emerge and give life to these predictable, yet disempowering patterns.

It then illustrates how to move beyond the predictable state of merely hanging on (a.k.a. ‘survive’).  Participants recognize how we each can choose to shift into a state of ‘thrive’ – offering far greater influence, impact and fulfillment.

For any group of people who work together, the insights about tops, middles, and bottoms...can only enhance empathy, camaraderie, and effectiveness in the organization. Thank you for an enlightening stopover on our journey to becoming a learning organization


  • How organizational life can breakdown under ‘stress’ and give rise to 4 distinct Patterns of Ineffectiveness
  • Models and tools to boost your organizational awareness and emotional intelligence (EQ) to recognize the part you ‘unknowingly’ play in these Patterns
  • The power of addressing issues systemically rather than personally
  • A set of strategies to increase collaboration and innovation with others
  • The emerging science explaining how mindset drives behavior
  • A clear distinction between the ‘Survive’ mindset and ‘Thrive’ mindset, and how to create the shift
  • A personalized development plan² to enhance your contribution and disrupt the patterns that erode your effectiveness


Rather than read a two-dimensional case study, this workshop takes the form of a dynamic experiential exercise. We create an organization and live the lives of various levels of employees (front line to executive). This visceral approach enables the learning to get beyond the head level to where it really hits home. The activity inherently represents an organization in times of volatility, uncertainty, complex and ambiguity (VUCA).

In 25 years this is the most powerful experience our leadership group has had together. It’s given us a fresh perspective from which to lead in uncertain times
The workshop was fabulous! The participants tremendously enjoyed the interactive nature of it and felt very validated through their experiences. It opened up a whole realm of awareness and gave them creative ideas for action. I am sure you get this feedback from most of your sessions - it is a very powerful workshop


We are offering this workshop as a gift for leaders who are doing great
work in the not-for-profit sector.


January 2017 (exact date to be confirmed)
8:00 am - 4:30 pm



The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, 900 West Georgia Street, Vancouver


$75 per person (not including GST) will be charged as a commitment fee.
All proceeds will go to the International Justice Mission.


Contact for more information or to register.


1The models and tools shared are from the pioneering work of Barry Oshry and his theory of systems leadership. His work has become an essential component in the leadership development curricula of organizations throughout the world as it gives participants new ways of seeing and understanding the worlds in which they and others operate, and tools and strategic frameworks to put that into action.

2The development plan is created on the principles of Immunity to Change™, the pioneering work of Harvard Professors, Kegan and Lahey.