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MINDSHIFT is the name we gave our unique brand of vertical / adult development. We stood on the shoulders of giants in this field to create the model. It is grounded in academic research, while using fresh, jargon-free language. >Learn More

On May 31, 2019, Alex Wray presented MINDSHIFT at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership Conference. Below we offer you the chance to watch the video of this presentation to their alumni, including organizational thought leaders and expert coaches.

The conference participants were raving about Alex’s presentation. His session was the most well attended and highest rated [4.96 / 5.00]...
— Georgetown ITL Network 2019 Conference Organizer
Practical. Not repetitive of complementary models or tools. Brought them together in a powerful and accessible way.”

”Brought Immunity to Change alive! Bring him back for more with ITL.”

”Best presentation I’ve seen in years. Real world examples with videos.
— Feedback from ITL Conference Attendees
Alex is an outstanding presenter with excellent graphics and stories. He captured the audience’s attention right from the beginning. What he presented was very powerful and deeply transforming.

I have been able to apply lessons from Alex’s session in my work coaching and developing senior leaders and have already experienced powerful results.
— Salima Hemani, Co-Chair, Georgetown ITL Network 2019 Conference


Video: Part 1-Making Change Stick, May 31, 2019



Video: Part 2-Making Change Stick Webinar

In Part 2 we picked up the stories where we left off at the ITL Conference—the 3 people have their Limiting Beliefs and Assumptions identified in a 5 level map (Steps 1 & 2 of the Pathway to Change). We will now follow them as they confront their Limiting Beliefs and work courageously to overturn their Immune System (Steps 3, 4 & 5). and complete their MindSHIFT Journey.


MindShift+ATL image-v2.png
Alex has really simplified the concepts of vertical development. I love the thinking of Kegan and Tolbert, yet the academic language can really get in the way of people understanding these powerful concepts. Alex’s distillation, visuals and everyday language make it so very user friendly.
— Kara Laverde, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Although MINDSHIFT is delivered as part of a customized program for top teams and groups, this winter (2019) you can experience the same models, tools and exercises as part of a public program. This introductory program covers the foundational work necessary to get started on your MINDSHIFT.