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Since 2012, we’ve been equipping top teams and high potentials to build the habits to meet the challenges they face and to unlearn old habits that limit performance.

Although MINDSHIFT is delivered as part of a customized program for top teams and groups, this winter (2019) you can experience the same models, tools and exercises as part of a public program. 

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This introductory program covers the foundational work necessary to get started on your MINDSHIFT. It is comprised of three virtual sessions, two coaching sessions and a two-day skill-building workshop. 

The only pre-requisites are…

  • A genuine desire to stretch, grow and improve

  • A willingness to engage in your own development

  • The time to invest in yourself for 2 hours per week

Participants will experience…

  • Up front coaching with Alex Wray to Define your Stretch – including the habits that limit you

  • A deep dive into the 7-step repeatable coaching script for illuminating the patterns of thought of the reactive mind

  • Insights into the most common strategies for self-protection and how to spot your own self-protective strategies

  • One-on-one coaching with Alex to validate the Map of your Mindset

This program is not a certification, rather it is an in-depth experience of creating your own MINDSHIFT. After fully experiencing the methods on your own MINDSHIFT on Day 1 of the Workshop, we take a deeper dive into the model on Day 2. You will have access to the slides and scripting needed to enable you to repeat the process following the program. Participants find that after experiencing the program they can readily repeat the methods with their clients.

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The tools and experiences I’m now applying are applicable for the rest of my life, to which I am eternally grateful. MindShift has given me deeper clarity, purpose and understanding of my thoughts, emotions and of my own development. It’s opened my eyes and heart to a new, more effective, approach in supporting the leaders I serve.
— Brad Parcells, Executive Coach, Atlanta
MindSHIFT is a powerful and pragmatic model that identifies and decodes the invisible weapons we use against ourselves. My clients love the user-friendly frameworks which allow us to get deeper, quicker...
— Julie Fotos, Executive Coach, New York City


In 2015, I was trained by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey to deliver Immunity to Change programs and I have delivered 10 programs for over 300 participants in Asia, Australia and North America. Although successful, I was looking for a more reliable way for participants to make long-lasting and sustainable change. MindSHIFT is the answer. It is a tried and tested approach to enable deep transformation.
— Srikanth Seshadri, ITL Alumni, Toronto

Upon completion of the Introduction to MINDSHIFT program, you have further choices should you wish to go deeper…

  1. Self-Study: you may find the momentum started in the program is enough to advance toward your MINDSHIFT.

  2. Webinar Series: you may want to learn about the specific methods and exercises our clients find most valuable for completing their MINDSHIFT.

  3. Executive Coaching: you may want guidance in applying these methods and exercises to complete your MINDSHIFT.

  4. Cohort Experience: you might want to experience the methods and exercises yourself by having both an executive coach and being part of a group undergoing the MINDSHIFT Journey.

FEE: $2,350 USD

The 2-day workshop will be held in D.C. Metro area.
Note: This fee does not include taxes, travel costs or accommodation.


If you are interested, visit with Alex Wray to assess whether the program is right for you.
To schedule this 30-minute Zoom call click on the button below.