For 5 years we’ve been innovating, field testing and refining our unique form of Vertical / Adult Development on the frontlines with corporate leaders. We call our approach MINDSHIFT. The videos below are of our clients sharing their experience from the program.

In the fall of 2018, for the first time, we shared MINDSHIFT at the Leadership Circle’s Global Summit in Georgia, USA. There was great interest from attendees to take the MINDSHIFT Journey which led us to launch a program for individuals.  Until this time our programs have always been offered with a single corporate sponsor and hence exclusive. (To access a 60 minute “replay” of his Summit presentation click HERE.)

On May 31, 2019, Alex Wray shared MINDSHIFT at Georgetown University’s conference hosted by their Institute for Transformational Leadership. Again, there was great interest from individuals to take the MINDSHIFT Journey. This fall we will again launch a program for individuals (see details and dates below).

At a high level, this program is comprised of three workshops, a series of virtual sessions, along with both one-on-one and peer coaching.

Although participants experience one-on-one coaching with Alex Wray, this is far more than a one-on-one coaching program. It is a program for individuals who want to follow the MINDSHIFT model and leverage the group/team experience to accelerate their development and transform their mindset.

MINDSHIFT is a vehicle for transformation of both the group and of culture. It is for people who want a proven 5-step pathway to leverage the group/team experience to both accelerate the transformation of an individual’s life and the development of group or team culture.

The tools and experiences I’m now applying are applicable for the rest of my life, to which I am eternally grateful. MindShift has given me deeper clarity, purpose and understanding of my thoughts, emotions and of my own development. It’s really opened my eyes and heart to a new, more effective, approach in supporting the leaders I serve.
— Brad Parcells, Executive Coach, Atlanta
The truth was I had created a wonderful life but I wasn’t really present much of the time. I wasn’t enjoying it to the fullest. Yet in just the first 5 weeks of the program, I’ve had amazing aha’s and practical changes in both my personal and professional life. MindSHIFT has been a break-through!
— Mary Kaiser, Denver, Colorado
I am half way in the program and applying mindSHIFT in my life. There is no area I feel it is not intellectually or emotionally honest. On every level of examination it is consistent; it holds together, coheres and makes great sense. The system, the materials, the consistency of language and the sources it pulls from, I was already pulling from. As a result, it has saved me years of work, and enabled me to start doing the work I care most deeply about, immediately.
— Larry Ledgerwood, Executive Coach, San Francisco


MINDSHIFT is the name we gave our unique brand of vertical / adult development. The motivation for the model came as we watched our clients show little to no interest in the academic research and language associated with Adult Development. They were too busy. Most were in over their heads. To capture our clients’ attention, a new, jargon-free, language was needed.

We stood on the shoulders of giants to create this model. It sits at the intersection (or perhaps more of traffic “roundabout”) of 5 paths of inquiry and thought:

  • The ground-breaking work of Harvard University Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey and their Immunity to Change Model

  • The powerful integration of leadership literature into the Universal Leadership Model™ (a.k.a. the Leadership Circle) by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

  • David Rock, and the contribution of the NeuroLeadership Institute, to make accessible insights into how our brain works

  • Brendan Reddy at the University of Cincinnati, an early career mentor to Alex, whose insights into “process consultation” (building on the deep work of Edgar Schein), group facilitation and team building underpin the approach

  • The Conscious Leadership Group, whose brilliant whiteboard animation introduces people to their “inner world,” and provides the method to grab anyone’s attention

We continue to field-test, innovate and evolve our model and methods to further optimize the impact for our clients.



The video to the right is of a C-Suite Leader describing the impact of having participated in the MINDSHIFT program.

I couldn’t function at a higher level because I had to do everything. Now, by letting go of producing all this stuff, I’m actually able to do things that create far greater value. It’s still a bit surreal. Eventually, it will become the new normal, but right now, I still pinch myself.
— Peter Mogan, Mogan, Daniels, Slager LLP, M&A Business Law


As powerful as it is to transform individual lives, the possibilities are even greater when the 5-Steps of the MINDSHIFT Model are followed as a group of leaders. It is then that organizations can scale the important work of vertical development as a leadership system, together. Done as a group, the MINDSHIFT model leverages the relational connections and chemistry of the group to accelerate change and transform lives. 

The video on the right (entitled “Transform Culture”) is a montage of our clients speaking to the sense of community and connection from having participated in the program.



Following the 5 steps of MINDSHIFT results in a group culture that is rare. It is consistent with what Kegan and Lahey describe as a “Deliberately Developmental Organization,” only they are a group. The leaders involved experience the conditions necessary for transformation and human flourishing.

And, beyond their own growth (transforming their immune system), participants have the experience of being a part of a “deliberately developmental group”.

It has been huge to do this together. We can now be a champion for each other in ways we couldn’t have before. The capability we’ve developed enables us to build the business, make better decisions and do the right things, way faster than before.
— Sara Stevens, Partner, MCIP, RPP


This program combines the following elements to enable participants to learn to use the MINDSHIFT approach as part of their leadership development practice.

1. WORKSHOPS / RETREATS:  There will be three, 3-day retreats in November 2019, February and April 2020. The theme for each reflects the critical milestones in the MINDSHIFT Journey:

  • Stretch / Mindset (November)

  • Rewire Beliefs (February)

  • New Habits - individually and collectively (April)

2. VIRTUAL LABS:  Between workshops we maintain our community with 10 virtual Labs (via Zoom). There are two distinct lines of inquiry.

  • Apply MINDSHIFT to your own life - transforming our own immune system

  • Sell/Implement MINDSHIFT with clients (optional)

Labs leverage the community to continue the process of innovation to discover even more compelling ways to present and perform this work.

3. ONE-TO-ONE COACHING: with Alex Wray at the start of the program to set the path for your own MINDSHIFT in the program.

4. ACCESS TO CLIENTS:  You will hear from WRAY clients using MINDSHIFT and embedding it into their organization and culture. You will hear from Senior leaders explaining how they justify the ongoing investment in adult / vertical development, and from one client who will explain why they have opened up the program to not just their managers, but to their unionized workforce as well.

5. CLIENT-READY MATERIALS: You will have access to presentation slide decks, program exercises, activities and techniques that have been field-tested in the corporate arena for use with your clients.

Beyond the MINDSHIFT 5-Step curriculum we will include a variety of readings including The Culture Code (Daniel Coyle 2018), The Fearless Organization (Amy Edmondson 2019), An Everyone Culture (Kegan, Lahey 2016), Scaling Leadership (Anderson, Adams 2018).



This program is right for you if you want to apply MindSHIFT to your own life.  Further, it is ideal if you also want to develop how you:

  1. Implement leadership development programs

  2. Focus on intact leadership teams or cohorts of leaders

  3. Lead development over 6-9-12 month period, as a group process

  4. Facilitate culture transformation

  5. Cultivate multi-year, long-term client relationships

  6. Leverage the Leadership Circle message(s) more fully into the client’s developmental journey

  7. Scaling Leadership in an innovative way

For those who have completed their Immunity to Change certification, they have found MINDSHIFT complements their learning as they discover what happens when an immunity is addressed, not alone, but within a community.


Leadership Development professionals will benefit by being prepared to lead groups to:

  • Map their “reactive, Below-the-Line, fixed mindset”

  • Grow consciousness and awareness in a corporate environment, using corporate-ready language

  • Take an innovative pathway toward challenging limiting beliefs and assumptions

  • Transform culture using techniques aligning with principles outlined in Daniel Coyle’s Culture Code (2018)

  • Experience the impact of psychological safety as described by Amy Edmonson in The Fearless Organization (2019)


Immunity to Change certification (Facilitator and/or Coach) is not required. The only prerequisite for participating in the program is a curiosity for …

  • How MINDSHIFT is being used as a group process in the corporate environment, and

  • Integrating MINDSHIFT with the Leadership Circle

In 2015, I was trained by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey to deliver Immunity to Change programs and I have delivered 10 programs for over 300 participants in Asia, Australia and North America. Although successful, I was looking for a more reliable way for participants to make long-lasting and sustainable change. MindSHIFT is the answer. It is a tried and tested approach to enable deep transformation.
— Srikanth Seshadri, Georgetown ITL Alumni, Toronto



WORKSHOP 1: November 20-22, 2019

WORKSHOP 2: February 5-7, 2020

WORKSHOP 3: April 22-24, 2020

*Note: Dates will be confirmed with participants of the cohort.



Venue to be confirmed with participants of the cohort. It will either be a property in the D.C. Metro area or a property within 1-2 hours of the D.C. Metro area.



$7,000 US*

This fee includes 9 days of workshops, 10 virtual labs, coaching for Mapping and resources.
This fee does not include taxes, travel costs or accommodation.

*Additional Coaching Package available for $2000 US if participants want coaching throughout the full program.



Those interested in the program will have an exploratory conversation to ensure fit with Alex Wray. Once agreed that the program is the right fit, please click on the button below and complete the form. After submitting this form, we will supply an invoice with payment instructions.