Too many people are merely coping or just surviving, yet demands and expectations keep rising—with no end in sight. We might know we need to “step up our game” but doing it is entirely another thing. Despite the endless stream of remedies, answers and solutions available to us, we remain stuck in old familiar ways. We are wed to the status quo and immune to change.


Each of us are a bundle of habits. In 2017 Kevin Ochsner, PhD, Columbia University, reported that 70-90% of our daily behaviors are habits. This is why change is so tough. How tough? A recent medical study showed that, even when seriously at-risk heart patients wanted to change their lifestyle to continue living, only one in seven patients were successful—proving again that old habits die hard. If death isn't a sufficient motivation for change, what hope do the rest of us have of improving?


The science of habit formation offers hope. We can now design new habits. INSEAD (consistently ranked among the world's top business schools) credits Harvard University Professors Kegan and Lahey with 'cracking the code' on how to rewire the habits which keep us stuck.

We offer a proven pathway to growth and improvement. MINDSHIFT equips people to stretch, grow and thrive by enabling them to…

  • Break free of the day-to-day habits that limit performance.

  • Create a set of new habits for high performance.

MINDSHIFT enables people to start living in alignment with where they want to go and who they want to be.


MINDSHIFT is the name we gave our unique brand of vertical / adult development. Although grounded on academic research, we offer a fresh, jargon-free, language.

We stood on the shoulders of giants to create this model. It sits at the intersection of 5 paths of inquiry and thought:

  • The ground-breaking work of Harvard University Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey and their Immunity to Change Model

  • The powerful integration of leadership literature into the Universal Leadership Model™ (a.k.a. the Leadership Circle) by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams

  • David Rock, and the contribution of the NeuroLeadership Institute, to make accessible insights into how our brain works

  • Brendan Reddy at the University of Cincinnati, whose insights into “process consultation” (building on the deep work of Edgar Schein), group facilitation and team building underpin our approach

  • The Conscious Leadership Group, whose brilliant whiteboard animation introduces people to their “inner world,” and provides the method to grab anyone’s attention

We continue to field-test, innovate and evolve our model and methods to further optimize the impact for our clients.

There are two ways to learn whether MINDSHIFT is right for you:

I am half way in the program and applying MindSHIFT in my life. There is no area I feel it is not intellectually or emotionally honest.

On every level of examination it is consistent; it holds together, coheres and makes great sense. The system, the materials, the consistency of language and the sources it pulls from, have saved me years of work, and enabled me to start doing the work I care most deeply about, immediately.
— Larry Ledgerwood, San Francisco
In 2015, I was trained by Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey to deliver Immunity to Change programs and I have delivered 10 programs for over 300 participants in Asia, Australia and North America. Although successful, I was looking for a more reliable way for participants to make long-lasting and sustainable change. MindSHIFT is the answer. It is a tried and tested approach to enable deep transformation.
— Srikanth Seshadri, Georgetown ITL Alumni, Toronto
The tools and experiences I’m now applying are applicable for the rest of my life, to which I am eternally grateful. MindShift has given me deeper clarity, purpose and understanding of my thoughts, emotions and of my own development. It’s really opened my eyes and heart to a new, more effective, approach in supporting the leaders I serve.
— Brad Parcells, Executive Coach, Atlanta


The video to the right is of a C-Suite Leader describing the impact of having participated in the MINDSHIFT program.

I couldn’t function at a higher level because I had to do everything. Now, by letting go of producing all this stuff, I’m actually able to do things that create far greater value. It’s still a bit surreal. Eventually, it will become the new normal, but right now, I still pinch myself.
— Peter Mogan, Mogan, Daniels, Slager LLP, M&A Business Law