Organizations don't change. People do.

No one influences your organization’s scorecard more than your leaders. From the c-suite, to the high potentials, to the top talent leading your mission critical changes, we coach and develop your leaders to improve their performance – both individually and collectively. Since 1993, we’ve done so by providing time-tested models of leadership and creating engaging learning experiences for clients in a broad range of sectors: High Tech, Energy, Financial and Manufacturing.

Yet what really sets us apart is how we make change stick. We believe that to create lasting change in an organization, one must change the behaviour of individual leaders. Furthermore, as elite level athletes have known for years, the “inner game” drives the “outer game.” Building on these insights we use a science-based approach to behavioral change that allows us to guarantee results. Entirely novel and yet thoroughly road-tested, our model has been applied in a wide diversity of organizations: a national railway in Europe, an international financial services company, one of America’s most admired technology companies, and in the world’s leading international strategy consulting firm.

Regardless of the sector, our clients want more than new ideas on leadership. They want to truly change how they lead. They want to break free from the status quo and discover how their leadership can drive greater results. Wray Group helpsmake these goals a reality, enabling leaders to make sense of the complexities of human performance and step beyond the age-old resistance to change.

You take a non-prescriptive approach and really absorb the organization’s culture to develop relevant, quality, and effective solutions.