Our team begins with a core group of experts. We then engage additional specialists through our alliances as needed. If we need a thought leader from a globally recognized academic institution, we make the call. Our rich network ensures the right team works with you.



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Alex has worked in the area of improvement, growth and change since 1986. He’s served the CEO’s Office of Ford Motor Company to start-ups in the Silicon Valley. His early roles were as facilitator, trainer and team builder. Then later, as he saw patterns in the struggles to execute, Alex grew his capabilities to empower change that sticks.

Alex’s expertise is in developing the capability of leaders to transform their performance on the challenges that matter most. Central to Alex’s approach is the work of ground-breaking Harvard University Professors Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, and the phenomenon they describe as the Immunity to Change™. Alex has worked alongside Kegan and Lahey in Europe and the US and has completed their highest level of certification.

Since 2012 Alex’s passion has been to create an innovative blend of executive coaching, group coaching and workshops to support and challenge leaders on a journey toward a bigger, better version of themselves – individually and collectively. At the core of these Corporate Programs are the principles of Immunity to


Ann Chinnis is an executive coach who specializes in leadership development in healthcare - with a focus on academic healthcare. Ann is a board certified Emergency Physician. Before entering academics she practiced in a variety of rural and urban settings. She served as faculty and Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at West Virginia University School of Medicine. Additionally, she served as Associate Dean for Clinical Informatics.
Ann holds a Masters of Science in Health Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University. She trained through the Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership as a leadership coach and through the University of Georgia as a Sherpa trained Executive Coach. She has been selected as a Sherpa Master Coach and Sherpa Trailblazer of the year, 2013. She is certified as an Immunity to Change™ Coach. She is certified by the International Coaches Federation as a PCC.




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Executive Coach



Executive Coach

As an executive and team coach, organizational change consultant, and professional educator, the heart of Beth’s work involves supporting individuals and small groups in the creation of meaningful and sustainable changes. She has worked in corporate settings for more than 26 years (15 of which were internal positions) and has deep experience with large organizational dynamics. Beth has coaching certification through the International Coaching Federation and Georgetown University. She has designed and delivered numerous leadership development programs, most notably the publicly offered training program that accompanies the Simon & Schuster 2006 publication: Managerial Moment of Truth. Beth believes that transformations are born from the clients willingness to look inside and do the work to increase self-awareness, practice inquiry, expand perspectives, and be intentional when engaging with the outside world.


Cara Miller is an author, professor, coach, and consultant in the fields of leadership formation, organizational change, the psychology of adult development and learning. Cara received a MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD from the University of San Diego. Dr. Miller is affiliated with Harvard University as a Teaching Fellow in the Extension School and an Instructor in Harvard’s Programs in Professional Education. Cara draws on developmental psychology to coach senior leaders in many contexts (individuals, partnerships, teams, boards). She utilizes adaptive leadership theory to consult to organizations from diverse industries engaging in change efforts (military, higher education, finance, ministry, manufacturing). She orchestrates the application of innovative organizational theory and methods to inform the architecture, governance, leadership development, performance strategies, and review processes for companies seeking alignment between their people strategy and their financial strategy. Dr. Miller is an insightful, compassionate, and steady coach; she is a lively, interactive, and fun facilitator, all informed by solid foundational theory and practice


Deborah is a leading organizational consultant, professional certified coach, and author who previously worked as a public interest lawyer. She brings intercultural insight and a passion for social justice to her work as a change catalyst - helping leaders and their teams transform themselves and the world by tapping into their wisdom and creative potential. Deborah is a member and board member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, author of Repairing the Quilt of Humanity: A Metaphor for Healing and Reparation, and serves on the Editorial Board of The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science (JABS).  

Deborah's work with organizational leaders and teams includes: Coaching leaders to live and work in alignment with their purpose and values, enabling them to re-ignite passion and bring out the best in themselves and others; Working with team members to strengthen their relationships and collaborate creatively across differences; Enabling leaders to make strategic decisions to overcome challenges, manage change and fulfill their organizational missions.




Senior Consultant and Executive Coach

Heather is a senior consultant and executive coach who has worked with a wide range of local, national and global organizations developing and implementing business strategies, improving business processes, facilitating leadership performance and driving operational change. Her experience across the sales, service, distribution, marketing and human resources functions helps her bring a broad perspective to enabling leaders and organizations to achieve their business objectives and results. Heather’s approach is supported by her roles coaching participants in the Accelerated Leadership Program at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, as well as teaching in the Executive Management Program at Simon Fraser University’s Business School and in the Executive Development Program at the Rotman School of Business in Toronto. Heather holds a Masters of Industrial Relations from the University of Toronto, is a Certified Leadership Circle Consultant and an Advanced Member of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, the only business coaching association with advanced membership standards based on business experience, coaching experience and client references. Heather holds an Advanced Coaching Certificate from the Coaches’ Training Institute.




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Executive Coach


Following a career in international business, Jeff has spent the last 20 years working to support individuals and organizations to consistently and effectively create results. As an executive coach and business consultant he has worked with clients across a wide range of industries to enable their best thinking and execution. Jeff works at both a whole organization and at an individual level. Organizationally, he facilitates leaders and their teams in strategy design, planning and execution, using fast, pragmatic methods that consistently get results. Individually, he is a skilled coach working with senior business leaders to develop their personal mastery and their ability to consistently create what matters, both professionally and personally.


Kim dedicates her work to growing strong leaders, teams and organizations able to bring their best to the world's needs. Whether coaching executives, facilitating team building and strategic planning retreats or training managers and teams in leadership skills, Kim has been privileged to see clients stretch into new capacities for awareness, agility, innovation and impact. The complexity of today’s challenges are a call for this kind of stretch, and Kim cherishes the opportunity to help unleash brilliance in the workplace, gratefully throwing her shoulder against the wheel alongside her clients as they move towards a brighter future.

Kim’s depth of listening, breadth of perspective and strategic, whole-systems thinking is grounded in over 3000 coaching hours and work with a global set of clients from multiple sectors, industries and disciplines. Kim’s facility with the human side of change and innovation draws upon years of engagement with cutting-edge leadership development programs (as participant, practitioner, mentor and faculty), as well as personal experience - leading company-wide change initiatives while a leader at Boeing, and encountering over 15 years of marketplace transformations as a small business owner. Kim is also known for the depth of her work with leadership presence and nonverbal intelligence, and for her ability to help clients find their own way to access these capacities.










Executive Coach




Executive Coach

Jeremy is a specialist in psychometrics, measurement theory and non-metric multivariate data analysis. Prior to joining Wray Group, he was vice president of consulting with a Canadian human resources consultancy. In that role, he developed a web-based human resources measurement tool and led a team in the development of the firm's feedback, analysis and reporting technology. Jeremy has authored or co-authored more than 20 peer-reviewed publications. He earned his PhD from Simon Fraser University and now teaches at Douglas College and the University College of the Fraser Valley.


Michael engages his clients from a place of curiosity and genuine, appreciative compassion. He believes that excellent leadership is incredibly hard to do, but every person in an organisation has the right to expect that from the top, and that leaders need to do all they can to provide it. He helps his clients reach to this.

Whether he is coaching a senior executive or supporting an executive leadership team, Michael works with his clients to find the unexpected route to becoming more effective and more deeply engaged. Through clear and gently held observations and questions, Michael enables his clients to honestly reflect on their beliefs, assumptions, and actions. His commitment is to helping them uncover the ways to be better today and tomorrow than they were yesterday. For the past nine years, Michael has been working at the executive and C-suite levels of both public and private sector organisations in New Zealand and Australia, the West coast of the US and Southeast Asia. Prior to that, his work was based in Washington DC, working with businesses across a range of industries, mostly in New York City and in the DC area.

Michael has a Masters degree in Organisation Development and a Bachelor of Arts in English. He earned a certificate in Executive Coaching from Georgetown University in 2003 and has been coaching teams and senior leaders ever since. He is a Growth Edge certified coach, uses a wide variety of assessment tools (the Leadership Circle 360, the Hogan, the MBTI, etc.) to fit the needs of the client.


Vic is a leadership development coach, teacher and consultant. For over 25 years, she has been involved in organizational and leadership development, counseling, training, consulting and coaching. She has had the privilege to study and explore with some of the top thinkers in the fields of adult development, generative leadership, somatic psychology, conversational capacity and ego and spiritual development — all informing her interdisciplinary approach to coaching, consulting and teaching.

At the core of her work is her deep commitment to provide experiences that bring her clients closer to understanding their growth edge and an expanded way of seeing their world. She helps them engage in their world and their leadership in a bigger more courageous way... for the sake what of what matters deeply to them. She is known for her deep listening, her ability to move fluidly between a variety of coaching and learning methodologies and the design of individualized safe to fail experiments that open new possibilities for her clients.

In addition to her private practice, she is affiliated with Minds at Work, Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey's consulting organization, serving their clients as a Certified Immunity to Change Coach. She has served on the faculty of Harvard's Graduate School of Education, as a teaching fellow and program coach.



Managing Partner 

Wendy, co-founder of Wray Group, has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, business management and operations. Wendy is the resource manager for clients and external partners. Her background in consulting, coaching and training comes from studies at leading institutions and programs, including Simon Fraser University, Justice Institute Centre for Conflict Resolution, and the Robert Fritz Structural Consulting program. As managing partner, she focuses on the overall direction and administration of the firm.