Leaders today feel unprecedented pressure to adapt quickly to constant change; they must balance long-term objectives with short-term performance demands. To thrive, let alone survive in an increasingly challenging environment, leaders and organizations must align and focus the power of their people. Leaders must learn to rally their people effectively to access their contribution and deliver results. 

Do you know how to harness the power of your people? Would you like to enhance your capability to identify and use the most effective approach at the right time?

In Leading in the Moment, you will learn fundamental, time-tested strategies for leading individuals. Based on the newest generation of the ever-popular Situational Leadership II model, this presentation offers a step-by-step approach to maximizing the potential of t others. You will learn how and why to adapt your approach as situations change and circumstances shift.


Using mini-case studies, interactive polling technology and instructor-led dialogue and debate, together we’ll create an experience that is both practical and engaging. You will learn:

  • The four primary styles of interaction the best leaders use

  • How to read and assess the motivation and ability of others on a task-specific basis

  • How to select the optimal style of interacting with those you lead—officially or unofficially

  • How to strengthen your relationships with those you lead


Leaders and managers at all levels accountable for leading, developing and boosting the productivity of others.

We’ve had a number of speakers at our events—yours was by far the most practical. The other speakers came with ideas that needed too big a change in our approach. Not you. You gave us practical day-to-day stuff we can immediately apply as leaders. It was empowering, and that’s the point, isn’t it?!
Great speaker with really interesting information directly applicable to my work! Would definitely take another session with him!
His performance potential checklist on ability and motivation is a great tool for leaders to gauge the level of direction and support we need to give to our employees. His immediate polling of votes from participants give instantaneous feedback and kept us engaged. Very well done!
Best session to date. Appreciated practical skills that can be immediately put into practice. Level of interaction kept it alive. Great speaker!