A recent medical study showed that even when cardiologists told seriously at-risk patients that they had to make lifestyle changes if they wanted to continue living, only one in seven patients was able to make the changes stick. One in seven! If death isn’t a sufficient motivation for change, what hope does the average leader have in simply improving at work?

This phenomenon is common. Your goals matter, the commitment is genuine, yet despite knowing what to do, and declaring we want to do it, we fail to do it.

This presentation answers why behaviour change can be so difficult.


  • A synthesis of 30 years of research into why even when we might know what we need to do and commit to doing it, we can remain stuck

  • See video clips of real people telling their story of learning to see and overcome their (psychological) barriers to improvement — transforming both how they act and how they think

  • The 5-step pathway these regular people followed to overcome their “immunity to change” and find greater peace, health and wholeness in the face of disruption, chaos and escalating demands

  • A jargon-free approach for doing the complex work of neuroscience, vertical development and habit change — and how it’s being scaled as a vehicle for leadership development and talent management


Any person curious about why they have personally struggled to make the changes and improvements that they genuinely want to make.

Senior HR Professionals curious about how to enrich their organization’s existing talent management and people development with methods being used by iconic brands such as Apple and Google.

Operational leaders curious about how they can shift the collective behaviour and/or cultures to better support organizational strategies, priorities and/or direction.

Thank you for your very insightful session and great capstone to our conference!
Loved walking through the mental map - all the examples made it REAL!
I like how he simplifies a model based on research. This session has a lot of substance to it.
If you want to learn how you can think differently, and are willing to be challenged, this is a presentation you should consider. It has deep ramifications for business and life.
In a very short time you helped me identify a core issue that is central to preventing me from achieving my goal. What I discovered was surprising and yet familiar at the same time.
Thank you for a great session today. I was particularly excited to see our senior leaders step up and model their willingness to acknowledge they have room to grow. Also I loved the noise of 44 of our leaders talking about their one big thing(s). What a beautiful thing.