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ORGANIZATION WORKSHOP / 1 or 2-day workshop

Empower change where it matters most



The workshop is designed to provide clarity and insight for people to make sense of patterns of organizational and hierarchical ineffectiveness – to metaphorically “get to the balcony,” away from the daily “firefight.” It empowers participants with a common language and perspective to more effectively conceive of and innovate solutions to address organizational breakdowns and dysfunctions and close gaps in organization performance (e.g. communications). This workshop is foundational in developing the conditions for individuals to be in partnership as they lead change and improve performance.

Using unique, immersive experiential exercises and a proven methodology that helps participants better understand the world they operate in, the Organization Workshop informs and develops leaders—in a way that makes a lasting impact. It translates to everything they do when they leave the program—from shaping their own leadership to increasing their impact in the organization. 


This workshop uncovers leadership in organizations from an atypical angle. Rather than read a two-dimensional case study explaining the various scenarios related to social patterns and leadership in organizational systems, we create an organization and live the lives of the various levels of employees (front line to executive) for a period of time. From here we will uncover patterns of interaction and relationships that emerge as a consequence of structure and context in organization life.

This workshop is a dynamic, yawn-free experience that focuses on the worlds of Tops, Middles, Bottoms and Customers (consumers/clients) during times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) within their organization. We will get to the heart of partnership in organization life - what makes partnership so critical, what gets in the way of it developing, and what the role of leadership is in making it happen. This visceral approach enables the learning to get beyond the head level to where it really hits home and sticks.


  • Focus on improving systemic conditions rather than fixing people.

  • Identify predictable, dysfunctional patterns and how to avoid them.

  • Deal with the underlying issues standing in the way of success.

  • Gain an appreciation for the difficult issues people deal with at all levels of the organization.

  • Learn strategies for building successful partnerships that make successful organizations.

  • Explore, understand intellectually, and experience viscerally the differing "worlds" of Tops, Middles, Bottoms, and Customers, and begin to develop concrete strategies for working more constructively across organizational lines.

  • Recognize the multiplicity of roles they play, as sometimes Top, Middle, Bottom and Customer/Client. They will recognize and avoid the disempowering pitfalls of each position, and approach each role with more helpful awareness.

  • Discuss leadership strategies that address issues systemically rather than personally.


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For anyone looking to create meaningful learning experiences on the topics of leadership at all levels, partnership and effective collaboration, this is the best program I’ve come across in my 20 years of training and development experience.
What you will learn in just one or two days is more than you’ll learn in weeks and weeks of training elsewhere. Absolutely do it. Invest in it.

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